Addiction Treatment and Counseling

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Alchohol and Suboxone Treatments Centers VA & NC

Right Path Treatment Centers are Virginia’s first providers to combine the philosophy of 12 steps along with a MAT (Medically-Assisted Treatment) Program. As most know, traditional abstinence and faith based programs have a higher than 95% relapse rate. That is correct, 95% of people that try to use only abstinence and meetings will relapse! In the medical community it is common knowledge now that assisting addicts with medication greatly enhances their chances of long term recovery. The medication portion of our program is only a tool to help our patients gain the clarity and lessen the pain of withdrawal and cravings that is needed when coming off narcotics or alcohol.

Right Path | Alchohol and Suboxone Treatments Centers VA & NC

Can using medication help people not abuse drugs, heroin, and alcohol? Yes this is absolutely the case, and it is scientifically and medically proven to be the best and only treatment option for those addicted to gain true, long lasting recovery. Our Suboxone Treatments Centers have locations in VA & NC. We are here to help. Contact us today.

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