Right Path Center’s Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment

At Right Path, we believe that progress, not perfection, is essential to recovery. Abstinence-only models of treating addiction are limited and do not work for everyone. By using a combination of medication and psychotherapy, we aim to provide you with holistic treatment that addresses both withdrawal symptoms and underlying causes of addiction. Our goal is to promote your recovery by using an integrated team of healthcare professionals who are devoted to addressing your individual needs.

Right Path Treatment Centers are Virginia’s first providers to combine the philosophy of 12 steps along with a MAT (Medically-Assisted Treatment) Substance Abuse Treatment Program. Traditional abstinence and faith-based programs have a higher than 95% relapse rate. That is correct, 95% of people that try to use only abstinence and meetings will relapse! In the medical community, it is common knowledge now that assisting addicts with medication greatly enhances their chances of long-term recovery. The medication portion of our program is only a tool to help our patients gain the clarity and lessen the pain of withdrawal and cravings that is needed when coming off narcotics or alcohol.

Using Medication to help people not abuse drugs, heroin, and alcohol? Yes this is absolutely the case, and it is scientifically and medically proven to be the best and only treatment option for those addicted to gain true, long lasting recovery. Understanding the scale of the opiate abuse epidemic and the impact it has on the community as well as the daily life of those that struggle with addiction, Right Path Treatment Centers strives to:

  • decrease limitation to care by maintaining a network of conveniently located offices and affordable pricing for self-pay clients.
  • be one of the only substance abuse treatment providers that offers insurance options for those that have insurance. *
  • provide our clients with the most effective treatment options on the market, delivered by certified doctors and facilitated by courteous and compassionate office personnel.
  • give each client the ability to choose a doctor, location, and treatment modality of their preference.
  • view and treat addiction as a complex medical condition engaging all sources available, while dispelling the social stigma associated with drug abuse.
  • offer after-hour, as well as weekend appointments that are flexible and schedule friendly.
  • maintain ties with local Community Service Boards to offer safe buprenorphine maintenance programs after initial detoxification from opiates to avoid relapse.
  • offer documentation of client compliance (if needed) for courts and legal issues.
  • provide referrals to and utilizes resources from local psychiatric facilities and outpatient resources to help qualified clients.
  • Offer non faith-based counseling. Some clients do not agree with “faith” or “god” in regards to their recovery.
  • help clients that have failed in the past with faith/abstinence based programs such as Narcotics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and other 12 step programs as well as inpatient detox programs.

*Note: Unfortunately, not all insurance carriers cover substance abuse treatment. This is not a decision by Right Path Treatment Centers but it is a decision solely made by the insurance companies.
If you do not know if your insurance will cover your treatment, give us a call and our courteous staff can check into it for you.

If you would like more information or have a loved one that could benefit from our program please do not hesitate to give us a call. We pride ourselves on being compassionate and considerate with all of those that are facing addiction issues. All information is strictly confidential. Remember, you are not alone.


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