Right Path Center’s Approach to Substance Abuse Treatment

In the past, substance abuse treatment centered around maintaining sobriety through abstinence and behavioral willpower. At Right Path, we have adopted a more progressive approach to substance abuse treatment that embraces holistic methods to help our patients attain sobriety. We understand that recovery is a process and that progress is more important than perfection when living a healthy, happy life.

Right Path strives to treat the whole patient by identifying underlying causes of addiction and addressing withdrawal symptoms to clear the way for sober living. Right Path Treatment Center offers patients individual psychotherapy, group therapy, support resources, and medically assisted treatment (MAT) as part of our center’s progress-centered treatment approach.

A Holistic Approach to Treatment

The word “holistic” refers to an integrated whole. In terms of substance abuse treatment, a holistic approach means that Right Path Addiction Treatment Centers seek to treat the whole you, not just one part. We realize that you are more equipped to get sober and stay sober by attending to your mind, your physical body, and your sense of connection with others.

Right Path enacts a holistic approach to treatment in the following ways:

Individual Therapy

support group for addiction recoveryAs part of the recovery process, Right Path offers individual and group psychotherapy. Therapy is designed to help you identify harmful thinking patterns and learn how to cope with life’s difficulties in a healthy, constructive way. In addition, your counselor works with you to develop an individualized treatment plan for achieving your sobriety goals and maintaining them as you progress in recovery.

Group Therapy

Group therapy is part of the holistic treatment at Right PathAddiction Treatment Centers and is an integral part of recovery. Group therapy encourages a connective approach to treatment and lessens feelings of isolation and shame. By attending group therapy, you can learn from the progress and missteps of others in a safe, supportive environment and receive feedback from peers who are going through or have gone through similar issues.

Art Therapy

Right Path offers progressive therapies, such as art therapy, as part of our holistic treatment approach. Art therapy encourages healing through non-verbal expression. For many patients, using symbolism and creativity to express challenging emotions and work through trauma is an invaluable method of releasing the pain that has kept them trapped in addiction.

Medically-Assisted Treatment

Medically-Assisted Treatment

Medically-assisted treatment (MAT) is a vital part of holistic treatment at the Right Path Addiction Treatment Centers. MAT helps to address addiction in your physical body so that you can manage the underlying emotional issues of addiction for long-term healing.

A recent study reports that 20% of patients who participated in MAT remained abstinent from opioids for five years. This illustrates the power of MAT in helping those struggling with opioid addiction to maintain sobriety.

At Right Path, we put patients first by offering MAT with the following characteristics:

  • Accessible and affordable
  • Offers insurance options
  • Administered by certified doctors
  • Patient-centered and allows location and treatment option choices
  • Centered around addiction as a complex medical condition, not a shameful choice
  • Offers flexible appointment times
  • Continued maintenance programs
  • Provides documentation for legal issues
  • Provides referrals to necessary resources
  • Provides counseling for all belief systems, including non-faith-based programs

Our MAT includes the use of Naltrexone, Vivitrol, and Buprenorphine/Suboxone to manage opioid addiction. These substances are FDA approved to help treat the symptoms of opioid withdrawal so you can actively participate in a holistic treatment plan.

If you are struggling with alcohol addiction, MAT may also benefit you in your treatment path, as Naltrexone is sometimes used to help with the physical symptoms of alcohol withdrawal. In addition, Right Path’s smoking cessation program utilizes pharmacological options, such as Mecamylamine, to address nicotine addiction.

The best way to know if MAT is suitable for you is to speak with a Right Path Addiction Treatment Center representative about your goals for recovery. We can advise you of treatment options that align with your needs and get you started on the path to healing.

Why the Holistic Approach Works

support and recoveryRight Path utilizes a holistic approach to treatment that ignores the outdated abstinence-only method and focuses on a progress-centered recovery plan. Progress-centered recovery embraces a realistic view of recovery that understands that those struggling with substance abuse need support, education, and emotional integration to succeed.

Where abstinence removes the addictive substance completely, it does not address underlying behavioral and emotional causes for addiction. As a result, most people struggling with addiction will relapse several times during their journey. Because abstinence-only models have no support in place for these moments, people in abstinence-only recovery plans often slip into complete regressions rather than addressing emotional relapses before they worsen.

Holistic treatment recognizes that relapses happen in stages and seeks to help you identify the early signs to avoid full relapses if possible. It also encourages you to reach out no matter what type of relapse you are experiencing and continue with treatment.

The holistic approach sets you up to maintain sobriety long-term because it helps you get your physical addiction under control with MAT, develop healthy thought patterns, connect healthy thoughts to healthy behaviors, and make lasting connections with support networks. The holistic approach treats the physical aspects of addiction and the emotional and spiritual elements of recovery to put you on a path to sobriety that addresses all areas of your life.

Get Help for the Whole You

If you are struggling with addiction to alcohol, opioids, smoking, or another substance, find a treatment center that focuses on a holistic approach to recovery. Getting sober is a process that necessitates taking care of the physical, mental, and emotional issues that keep you trapped in the cycle of addiction.

When you embark on a healing journey that addresses your physical symptoms of addiction, along with your thinking patterns and emotional health, you are giving yourself the best chance of a successful life-long recovery. So reach out to a holistic-centered treatment program today to start taking care of your whole self.


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