Addiction Treatment and Counseling

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Richmond Virginia Suboxone Doctors

Suboxone Doctor Richmond VirginiaRight Path Treatment Centers of Richmond is the areas largest provider of effective, out-patient substance abuse treatment programs.  Specializing in opioid and alcohol addiction, our medically assisted treatment options are the newest and most advanced available.  Right Path Treatment centers have offices throughout Virginia and the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  Our Midlothian office conveniently serves the Richmond area.

Our Approach

We approach recovery from a standpoint that addiction is in fact, a disease.  We have found that coupling medication with psychotherapy and support, creates a solid foundation for those that suffer from addiction can build a longer lasting recovery.

Why Suboxone?

Medication like Suboxone®, is essential in the redirection and curbing of withdrawal symptoms, especially in the first stages of recovery.  The symptoms of withdrawal can be painful and are a primary reason for relapse.  Medication helps alleviate these withdrawal pains so patients in our program can focus on their lives, family, and most importantly, their recovery.  Our suboxone doctors in Richmond, Virginia, also incorporate medications for alcohol abuse.  These medications are tailored to each individual and can be discussed with the healthcare team during a patient’s intake to our program.

Why Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy plays a pivotal role in the long term recovery of anyone suffering from addiction.  Group, individual, and family therapy sessions help bring to light the reasons why those suffering from addiction are affected.  Therapy is where patients learn to identify the triggers that draw them to use and how to avoid these triggers in the future.  Group therapy is a great place to gain insight on what works for others, and where bonds are formed with like-minded people that are choosing to better their lives through the process of recovery.  

If you or a loved one is tired of the grips of addiction give Right Path Treatment Centers a call.  All information is strictly confidential.  We have day, evening, and weekend hours available.  Most patients can even be seen the same day.  Get the compassionate care you deserve today.  

Call our Richmond, Virginia office (804) 292-2402 or visit our locations page and get directions.