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Opioid Addiction Treatment Options

Addicted to drugs? Have a loved one that is? You are no longer an exception.

When considering Opioid Addiction Treatment Options for anyone that is affected by prescription pain medication or heroin addiction, the first thing that Right Path Treatment Centers wants you to know is that you are no longer in the fight alone.

Recent statistics from the C.D.C. show that misuse of prescription pain medication, as well as, heroin use in our country is at an epidemic level. The death rate from addiction is at the highest level in the history of our country.

Opioid Addiction Treatment OptionsFour in five new heroin users started out misusing prescription painkillers. As a consequence, the rate of heroin overdose deaths nearly quadrupled from 2000 to 2013. During this 14-year period, the rate of heroin overdose showed an average increase of 6% per year from 2000 to 2010, followed by a larger average increase of 37% per year from 2010 to 2013. Sadly, just like the crack cocaine epidemic of the 80’s, most people think that “this is an issue that does not affect me.” Well if you are reading this, then you know quite well that this is simply not the case.

Heroin and prescription drug misuse is blind to every economic or social barrier. Rich kids, poor kids, business professionals, addiction does not discriminate. We meet individuals every day that are proof to this fact. Opioid Addiction is a killer when it comes to right down to it. The “War on Drugs” has failed.

Treatment for Opioid and Heroin Addiction – What are my options?

For anyone that is ready to face their addiction, the ultimate goal is long lasting sobriety and getting their lives back in order. The old standards of care have failed the addict and until recently, the most successful treatments available were not even an option for most addicts.

So what is this new treatment option you must be asking yourself? And if this newer treatment option is scientifically and medically proven to have higher success rates than traditional abstinence and faith based programs, why would it not be more available?

Right Path Treatment Centers use the newest and most successful treatment program that couples Medication, Behavioral Therapy, and Support as a complete 3-part program. This is the most successful, proven way to gainlong lasting sobriety. MAT Programs have the highest success rates, Period.

MAT (Medication-Assisted Treatment) is using a medication such as Buprenorphine combined with Naloxone to help curb the withdrawal symptoms and pain that are associated with trying to come off of opioid medications and heroin.

The unmatched contribution of the medication portion of the therapy is that once the withdrawal and pain are subdued, an addict can start to feel better and tofocus on the real recovery part of their program- and that’s where the therapy starts.

  • Behavioral Therapy plays a pivotal role in the success of any person that truly wants to beat addiction. Right Path offers 12 step programs, traditional group, individual, couple, and family counseling sessions. We have Licensed Addiction Counselors that work right here in our offices.
  • Medication is only the “tool” that will allow the focus and attention needed to gain clarity. This new clarity will be the driving force that will allow you or your loved one to work on themselves and their program. Nothing is more gratifying to see than a person that has exhausted all attempts in the past to beat their addiction finally achieve that long lasting sobriety they seek. You can read more about Buprenorphine here in detail.
  • Support is based on the people around an individual that is in our MAT Program. Gaining back trust of loved ones, friends, and family is important in the long term goal of being addiction free.

Are ready to take the next step in Recovering Your Future? Then give us a call today. We are here to help you with any questions you or your loved ones may have. All calls are strictly confidential.