How to Find a MAT Clinic in Virginia

How to Find a MAT Clinic in Virginia

In the state of Virginia, all medication-assisted treatment (MAT) clinics need to be licensed by the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Service. Additional licenses and certification from the Department of Medical Assistance and the American Society of Addiction Medicine can help you know the center is dedicated to the treatment of addiction disorders.

To find a MAT clinic with the right licenses and certifications, you can perform a simple internet search or use this helpful tool for finding a suboxone doctor in Virginia.

However, certifications and licenses alone aren’t enough to help you decide on a MAT clinic in Virginia. Here are characteristics you should look at when considering a MAT clinic.

Staff Licenses and Credentials

Addiction treatment is a complicated process. You want the staff working with you to have the right credentials for the job. There are several nationally recognized standards for professionals practicing addiction medicine and treatment.

Physicians can be board certified in addiction medicine or specialize in addiction medicine. Counselors and therapists can be a licensed clinical addiction specialist (LCAS), a certified substance abuse counselor (CSAC), a certified alcohol and drug counselor (CAADC), and a licensed professional counselor (LPC).

Reputable MAT clinics should have a team of professionals from multiple disciplines to provide a well-rounded treatment program. Look for clinics that have a team that includes a doctor, a chemical dependency counselor, and a nurse. Other team members that can provide more benefits for you are a nutritionist, wellness specialist, and a spiritual care counselor.

Insurance Coverage

Addiction treatment can be expensive. Insurance can help cover expenses and let you focus on your recovery instead of costs. Not every MAT clinic accepts insurance. Clinics that do accept insurance may not be in your insurance’s preferred network. Many centers, including Right Path, accept VA Medicaid.

If you have any questions about insurance coverage, ask the staff at the clinic. They have the expertise to look into your insurance plan and determine what and how much is covered.

Therapy Options

Mat Treatment VA and therapy

Medication-assisted treatment is only one part of your addiction recovery plan. Your MAT clinic should be able to provide you with effective therapy options to prevent relapse. Therapy is an essential part of an effective addiction recovery program.

A treatment center that offers the full continuum of care with personalized treatment and multiple therapy options increases your chances for a full and sustained recovery. The easier it is for you to access every aspect of your care in the same place, the less likely a critical step will fall through the cracks.

Family Support

The journey to recovery is one you can’t take alone. Your addiction may have damaged relationships with family members and friends. A MAT clinic that provides family support can help you address these issues and start you on the path toward healing the important relationships in your life.

Family therapy and support offered by MAT clinics can improve your recovery success by teaching those around you how to set healthy boundaries and reestablish trust in your relationship. Your family is your support away from the clinic, so it’s important they be involved in your recovery plan.

Locations and Schedule Flexibility

Addiction and substance abuse challenges rarely occur during regular business hours. You want a MAT clinic that offers flexible scheduling and same-day appointments to ease your path towards recovery. If after-hour or weekend appointments work best with your schedule, make sure you are selecting a MAT clinic in Virginia that offers those appointments.

Location of your treatment center matters. The easier it is for you to get to, the easier it is for you to stick to the plan. While picking a location close to home or work might feel uncomfortable, it can aid in your successful recovery. You may fear being recognized at a facility close to you. Be reassured that all staff are strictly bound by healthcare confidentiality, so your information is never shared without your consent.

Track Record and Reviews

When considering a MAT clinic, review their history and reviews to see if their experience matches expectations. Be very skeptical of clinics that claim a 100% recovery rate. Addiction recovery is a long and challenging process. Relapse is a common part of the journey.

MAT clinics may not have client reviews or testimonials on their website out of respect for the client’s privacy. Google and other websites may offer a place to find reviews from clients or their family members. You can also search for press and news articles about the treatment center to get an outside perspective on the quality of services they provide.

Ask for Recommendations

Ask for Recommendations for MAT therapy VAWhile it may be uncomfortable, asking for recommendations for MAT clinics from your primary care or another healthcare provider can be an easy way to find a quality treatment center. Reputable MAT clinics have an extensive support network throughout their communities that extends to primary care providers.

If you see a counselor, psychiatrist, or therapist, you can ask if they have any recommendations or knowledge about local MAT clinics. Addiction and mental health are closely intertwined. Mental health professionals often have a network of contacts at local treatment facilities due to the nature of their work.

You can also gather recommendations from community recovery groups. You’ll get information and advice directly from someone who has gone through the treatment process themselves. This advice can be invaluable when deciding on a MAT clinic.

Choose Right Path Treatment Center for Your Recovery

Addiction is a complex, long-term medical condition. You want to find a MAT clinic that you’re comfortable with and can provide the full range of services you’ll need on your journey to recovery. If you’ve been thinking about getting help with your addiction or simply have a question about our program, please reach out to the friendly staff at Right Path Treatment Center.

Written by Sergey Zhitar, MD Medical Director

Native of Moldova, Dr. Zhitar is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine as well as Internal Medicine and completed his training at UPMC Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA in 2000.