Addiction Treatment and Counseling

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How Does Addiction Counseling Help?

psychiatrist examining a male patientKnowing from the high failure rates, that forced abstinence and Faith Based methodology only, do not work, at Right Path we uniquely offer coupling of 12 Step Program philosophy with MAT.
Our certified and experienced counselors tailor an individual program for each client, based on their needs and goals.

In counseling, also known as “talk therapy”, you can learn how to recognize events that can trigger the use of opioids. You can also learn practical ways to cope with events, circumstances, or social situations that you associate with your past drug use.

Although group therapy is known to be more advantageous and efficient for majority of people with chemical dependency, and, hence, most utilized at Right Path, with us you have choices in the mental part of your recovery.

You and your therapist will determine what kind of counseling would work best for you. At Right Path Treatment Centers, we offer in-house psychotherapy with certified substance abuse counselors. At your initial intake appointment, you will meet with your doctor, start the conversation about and determine your counseling options.

To better meet your needs, we hold the following sessions:

  • Optional private one-on-one therapy with a licensed Psychotherapist
  • Group counseling at our office, the most common and effective
  • Newest and growing in popularity is Women only group
  • Young people/teenage clients’ sessions
  • Most enjoyed by far is the Intensive Track Program
  • Our offices offer faith and religion free addiction counseling to help those with past 12-step program issues.

Right Path Treatment Centers provides convenient and flexible weekday and weekend hours to facilitate our patients with psychotherapy. Sessions are covered by most insurance carriers and are also available to self-pay clients at affordable out of pocket rates. Physiotherapy will teach you skills necessary and arm you with the tools needed to handle all aspects of drug addiction, and most importantly, to minimize chance of your relapse. In counseling, you will start to understand the underlining issues that most people in recovery are dealing with and share the experience of those just like you who are way ahead in their recovery.

Addiction Counseling Approach

Addiction Counseling Our approach to treating patients with opioid addiction is based on medication, therapy, and support. Although medication is the mechanism that helps curve cravings and withdrawal symptoms, medication is not the only important factor for long term recovery. Addiction is something that is unique to each individual, and no two addictions are the same, just like no two people are the same. Understanding why the addiction started and how to cope with your new opioid free lifestyle are just a few of the challenges that you will face when you follow the program successfully.

Although it may seem unlikely now, the feeling and power you will obtain by feeling “normal” again from taking your medication alone can lead you to relapse. Often times, clients get the feeling they have “beat their addiction” with medication alone and without therapy and support, some will become vulnerable to dabble with their old ways. Addiction is a “chronic disease” meaning it doesn’t go away. The road to long term recovery is a long one and medication will have a lot to do with your initial success. Maintaining your success with have a lot to do with coping with life’s unforeseen challenges and curves. Counseling will help you recognize your “triggers” and how to cope with them in new way.

In a group of peers, clients will start to understand they are not alone with their struggles with addiction. Starting a dialogue with people that are like you through group counseling will help you identify your goals and gain a new group of peers to obtain them with. Counseling is the cornerstone to building a new support group to help you in your new journey of recovery.