Drug Rehab Options in Virginia

Drug Rehab Options in Virginia

Drug addiction is a complex disease. Treating it requires an individualized approach. When you are ready to start on the path to recovery, know that you have treatment options for drug rehab in Virginia.

Drug rehab options can be broken down into two main categories: inpatient and outpatient treatment. Inpatient is an effective option for those with severe addiction and possible medical complications. However, it isn’t a long-term solution since eventually, you will need to learn to manage your recovery away from the inpatient center.

Outpatient treatment is a great way to start your path to recovery and help you learn to manage your disease over time. There are different methods for outpatient drug rehab treatment in Virginia. Each has unique benefits that you should consider before deciding which drug rehab option is right for you.

Individual Therapy

talking to your doctorPersonal psychotherapy has long been a mainstay of addiction treatment and recovery management. One-on-one counseling gives you time to focus on your behaviors, patterns, emotions, and history that affect your life. While the process can feel intense, you’ll learn tools to manage your addiction and lead a healthy and happy life.

As part of a drug rehab program, your therapist or counselor might use different techniques to guide your progress. A common technique is simple talk therapy. This helps you discuss your life and your behavioral and emotional reactions to events. You’ll increase your self-awareness while learning the reasons behind your behaviors. As part of your drug rehab, talk therapy can help you understand the underlying causes of your addiction.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is another effective technique used for individual therapy in addiction recovery. For cognitive-behavioral therapy to be effective, you and your counselor set goals, and you’ll be responsible for tracking your progress. During cognitive-behavioral therapy sessions, you make connections between your feelings and your actions. You’ll learn to identify automatic reactions to events and create new, healthier responses to these situations.

Individual therapy helps you understand yourself. This therapy approach provides you with the skills needed to manage your addiction on your own on your path to recovery. However, individual therapy can make you feel isolated and alone in your struggles.

Group Therapy

Drug rehab through group therapy has been shown to be as good or slightly better than individual therapy. The connection and social rewards of group therapy often make it easier for those on the path to recovery to commit to their treatment.

Group therapy offers a collaborative and safe space that shows you are not alone in your struggles with addiction. The sessions are structured and facilitated by an experienced counselor to ensure that everyone in the group benefits from the session. You’ll learn coping mechanisms while gaining insight into your own struggle.

To foster the sharing and safe environment for group therapy, each member must commit to maintaining confidentiality. Everything you and others share during sessions is completely private and should not be discussed outside the sessions.

Group therapy provides you with the social support and connection needed to feel confident in living with your addiction. You’ll learn from others while sharing your story in a welcoming and safe environment. However, group therapy has a broad focus, so you may not learn the skills you need to manage your addiction alone.

Medication-Assisted Treatment

Is Alcohol a Drug and relapseNo drug rehab program should offer medication-assisted treatment (MAT) without also offering counseling. When used in combination with psychotherapy or counseling, MAT helps individuals maintain sobriety and sustain their recovery from drug addiction.

MAT provides approved medications to relieve cravings and block the euphoric effects of abused drugs. When used early in your addiction recovery, these medications can help rebalance your body and brain chemistry. If you relapse, MAT reduces your risk of dying from an overdose.

There are several different medications available, so your treatment can be tailored to your individual preference. Some medications need to be given daily, but Right Path Addiction Center now offers extended-release injections and implants to increase the convenience of MAT.

MAT can reduce some of the challenges you face during recovery from drug addiction. It provides medical support to strengthen your willpower while you learn the tools needed to manage your addiction.

Choosing a Drug Rehab Program

You have many drug rehab options in Virginia. The best addiction recovery program for you is one that fits your schedule and is conveniently located. You also want a drug rehab program that offers a personalized treatment plan since everyone’s recovery looks different.

A holistic drug rehab program offers you the best of all the treatment methods. Instead of having to choose one method, you’ll have access to all options to create the best recovery plan for you. Holistic treatment centers recognize that since drug addiction is a complex disease, multiple treatment methods offer you the greatest opportunity for success. Your journey focuses on progress rather than total abstinence. Your team gives you the resources to understand your past mistakes so you can improve your future.

At Right Path Addiction Centers, we see the whole you. Our holistic approach to recovery combines medications, counseling, and support to create the safe space you need for healing and recovery.

We have multiple locations in Virginia so that you can find the most convenient treatment center for you. If you have been struggling with addiction, reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable team today.

Written by Sergey Zhitar, MD Medical Director

Native of Moldova, Dr. Zhitar is Board Certified in Addiction Medicine as well as Internal Medicine and completed his training at UPMC Shadyside, Pittsburgh, PA in 2000.